About the Project

The “European Creative Futures” intensive programme aims to bring together learners from different backgrounds in art, design, IT, music, theater, business and communications, to share experiences and, through inter-disciplinary collaboration, learn about entrepreneurship and innovation through creativity. Through learning by doing, group discussions, themed workshops, brainstorming sessions, interactive lectures, industry lectures, counselling by sector experts, use of Web 2.0 social networking tools and other eLearning tools, learners will envisage future challenges, generate fresh solutions to problems and refine their ability to create new products, processes or services for changing markets and a changing Europe.

The main objectives are:

To challenge learners from various and diverse fields of studies to work together, pooling their individual personal and professional resources to achieve a set goal.

  • To promote understanding and commonality of purpose between learners from diverse academic disciplines through working in interdisciplinary clusters.
  • To promote the development of entrepreneurial attitudes and skills among learners and to widen their professional identity.
  • To apply artistic thinking and creative competencies to business planning processes.
  • To create a new learning environment for teachers/mentors to test new pedagogical approaches.
  • To develop networking, negotiation and business presentation skills among learners.

Students and academic staff from Ireland, Norway, Finland, UK, and the Netherlands, across the areas of fine arts, business studies, music, design, theatre/drama, communications, IT & virtual media, will participate in the intensive programme.

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